Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quick tips on how to promote yourself online

Quick Tips on How to Promote Yourself Online

Starting out as an Internet marketer is not an easy thing to do. You might set up a website and offer your digital informational products for sale but you are much like one grain of sand on a beach.

The Internet is a huge place and there are millions of websites (approximately 18 million web sites at this time of writing). You have to grow yourself into a good sized boulder before anybody is going to take notice.

Following are some quick tips for how best to promote yourself online and gain visibility and credibility:

1.     Choose your place to fight for market share.

Choose a niche and then narrow your fight for market share down to a sub niche. For example: There is a self improvement niche on the Internet. It is a crowded place and there are some heavy hitters as competition. However, if you will narrow your fight down to say, anger management within the self improvement niche and concentrate all of your effort there, you will improve your chances of winning dramatically.

2.     Establish your credibility as an expert in your field by posting to forums and blogs that relate to your niche.

Include your web address in your signature tag for every post that you make. The forums and blogs that are related to your niche market are populated with your potential customers.

3.     Brand your informational products.

Make your own logo or have one made for you. Use your name as a part of the title of every informational product that you produce whether you are giving resale rights or rebranding rights or not. Visibility and credibility are your main goals when producing digital informational products. You want your logo or name to be recognizable and help to establish you as an expert in your field.

4.     Write intelligent (branded) articles that contain helpful and timely information that relate to your niche market and submit them to articles directories that make them available to be downloaded and reproduced by other web site owners and ezine publishers.

Be certain that your resource box contains your full name, contact and copyright information, as well as, your URL.

5.     Write (branded) e-books that will be of great interest to your potential niche market customers.

Submit these e-books to ebook directories. Allow them to be downloaded and redistributed. Your URL should be on the title page of the ebook as well as on every single page of the document.

6.     Effective networking is a vital part of promoting yourself online and sometimes it takes some offline time and effort to accomplish that goal.

Never pass up the opportunity to go to a seminar whose subject is even loosely related to your niche market. That is where all of the movers and shakers will be congregated under one roof for a day or two. You need to make it your business to be in a position to meet them face to face. It is easier to approach someone that you have met than it is to approach a perfect stanger.

7.     Give resell rights with the sale of your digital products.

This will promote your visibility as well as your credibility. Even though you are not making any money off of the resale of your products you will be gaining more important advantages.

8.     Invest in yourself.

Buy the products and services that will help you to establish yourself in the internet marketing arena. Be willing to learn from those who have gone before. You dont have to make all of the mistakes yourself. Learn from master marketers like John Delavera and Liz Tomey. Take their advice and follow there proven plans for success.


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